Monte Carlo’s E-Rallye

On the October the 24th, the departure of Monte Carlo’s E-rallye took place in Nevers. Electric cars of all types went by the Wattway solar road before jumping on the mythical Magny-Cours track for the 4 days race.





First trial site in France’s Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region for Wattway

Saturday, June 16, the sun was out and shining brightly for the inauguration of a 68 m² Wattway trial site at Savoie Technolac (Chambéry, France). In the presence of Xavier Dullin, president of Greater Chambery, Dominique Dord, mayor of Aix-les-Bains, and Étienne Gaudin, Wattway manager, the elected officials of Chambéry Grand Lac Economie district discovered the installation, designed to function as a local energy loop to power a hydrogen charging station and an electric vehicle charging station. The Wattway project is part of a larger overall program called “Zero Emission Valley” won by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region last December.



On the N401 road at Kockengen, the Utrecht State inaugurates a new Wattway trial site

Thursday on the 24th of May, the State of Utrecht, Bam Infra and Wattway inaugurated a new trial site of 48m² installed on the N401 road, with the presence of Dennis Straat, Deputy of the Utrecht State and Adelbert de Vreese director of BAM Infra. For the State of Utrecht, the N401 is an open test bench for renewable energies with regular trials alongside the electrical production from green herbs (E plantation). These two projects allow the State to keep up with their energetical agenda.



2018 Viva Technology, a concentration of innovation

The third edition of Viva Technology has gathered more than 100 000 persons in Paris on the 24th 25th and 26th of last May. On the Bouygues booth, the visitors were absorbed by the vision of the Group around very strong topics : the Smart City, the connected building, the digital transformation of the company, the digital worksite, the open innovation etc. A real opportunity for Wattway to demonstrate the new usage of the solar road for a better, more sustainable and desirable city !




Sicoval is experimenting the Wattway solar road in the heart of its Enova district

Thursday the 3rd of May, the Toulouse suburb of Enova Labège invited the local companies and neighbor city’s counselors to inaugurate the latest Wattway trial site (54m²) with the presence of Gerard Bolet, 1st vice-president of Sicoval in charge of the environment and the environmentally-friendly transition, and Alain Serieys President of Enova Aménagement. This neighborhood offers an urban and economical model that underlines the union between creativity and our quality of living that tests under real conditions tomorrow’s innovations. The city-lab will allow companies and researchers to experiment their innovations in public and private areas around. The example of Wattway is a perfect illustration!



Inauguration of a Wattway solar road pilot site on the Nevers Magny-Cours track

Saturday the 28th of April, the crowd admired vintage cars driving around the track for the “Classic Days”. During that same celebration, Serge Saunier, president of the executive board of the Nevers Magny-Cours track decided to inaugurate the very new Wattway test site installed on one of the roads giving access to the track. The aim of this pilot site is to power the grid and encourage renewable energy projects such as this one. Mr. Joël Maturin, Prefect of the Nièvre, symbolically cut the ribbon for the inauguration, with Alain Lassus, president of the Nievre department’s council and Pascal Tebibel, head of the prospective and political relationships of the Colas Group.




DRIM’in Saclay : start-up and SMEs meditating on the solar road’s new uses

DRIM’in Saclay is the collaborative event on innovation that boosts the energetic and environment-friendly transition. On April the 10th , 11th and 12th, Wattway guided the candidates’ thoughts with the following challenge : finding the best usage of the Wattway panel as a self-generating solution(no safety connection to the grid). The solar road would power any equipment that requires electricity and that would be installed on the roadway. There were many ideas for purposes and business cases that came out of this brainstorming session where every candidate surely didn’t lack of imagination for our innovation… what a successful challenge !



Wattway has made its first foothold in Asia thanks to 7-Eleven Japan’s initiative

The 7-Eleven flagship store features 58 cutting-edge technologies aiming to reduce environmental impact, improve employees’ work environment and foster a better customer experience. The goal of 7-Eleven is to experiment with these technologies and select those that will be deployed in all of its stores.

The project was unveiled and inaugurated on December 6, 2017, in the presence of Mr. Hiroshige SEKO, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, Mr. Laurent PIC, Ambassador of France to Japan, Mr. Kazuki FURUYA, President of 7-Eleven Japan, Mr. Etienne GAUDIN, Wattway Manager, and Mr. Pierre MUSTIERE, CEO of Bouygues Asia.



Wattway at the heart of the city of the future

For the 3rd edition of the Maddy Keynote, which took place on February 1 at Cent-Quatre (Paris 19th), visitors and exhibitors were able to discover the City of the Future. Within the mobility pavilion, Wattway presented the Solar Road, which will allow for a great number of applications in the city of tomorrow.




Wattway installs a trial site in southwest France

As more Wattway trial sites are being built in France, the latest project involves a new demonstration section on Highway A63. The 51 m² site will involve a brand new use for the Wattway technology: powering the toll payment machine and toll gates at the Saugnacq-et-Muret toll station in southwest France. Another notable detail: the panels will be installed on a concrete surface for the first time.




A global event: the Intelligent Transport Systems ITS World Congress in Montreal

From October 29 to November 2, Wattway is participating in the of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress alongside Colas Canada. The purpose of ITS is to understand and improve overall mobility (infrastructures, communication panels, energy systems, communication networks, etc.) and to promote new applications. The event is an opportunity for Wattway to be seen as a cutting edge innovation in the field of transport to make the roads of tomorrow safer and smarter.



The SIEL opens up a Wattway trial section in Labergement (25)

On Friday September 29, the SIEL (Labergement Intercommunal Electricity Syndicate) celebrated its 120th anniversary in the presence of its Chairman Camille Rousselet, its Managing Director Pierre-Albert Vionnet, French Deputy of the Doubs Annie Genevard, and Senator of the Doubs Jean-François Longeot.

120 years of producing electricity using renewable energy. Recently, the Syndicate invested in a section of Wattway, paving the way to the first trial site in the greater East of France.  This cutting-edge innovation is in line with the Syndicate’s sustainable development goals, which focuses on raising awareness amongst students and elected officials in the region.



Biking along the River Seine: a weekend to promote “smart green roads”

The County Council of Eure and the ICC Portes de Normandie are organizing a “Startup Weekend: Biking along the River Seine” from October 13 to 15. The target? To create a unique and original experience around the concept of “Smart Green Roads”. On this occasion, Wattway is positioning itself as a coach to guide enthusiasts (bike riders, athletes, developers, entrepreneurs, students) who wish to embark in creating a start-up (sales pitch, business plan, marketing strategy, etc.). Paving the way for a weekend rich in ideas!



Wattway wins First Prize in Territorial Innovation 2017 from the e5t Foundation.

The e5t foundation, specialized in Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Savings and Territories, awarded the Wattway innovation on August 30th at its Summer University in La Rochelle. The e5t foundation formed a dedicated think tank of experts to provide concrete proposals for energy transition and territories, with the aim to enhance and support the initiatives of cities, regions, businesses and citizens who are fighting locally against global warming.




ASTANA Expo 2017 – Future Energy
From June 10 to September 10, Astana Expo 2017 hosted an international event designed to appeal to the international community’s sense of responsibility about this year’s theme: Energy of the Future. For the occasion, a Wattway photovoltaic panel was presented in the main exhibit pavilion. Four theme-based pavilions were also there:

  • “World of Energy” to reveal possible solutions to ensure development of more sustainable energy in the future with the help of physics and science experiments
  • “Energy for the Future” to illustrate the concept of energy saving and energy efficiency.
  • “Energy for All” to present the mechanisms of access to energy for the planet’s inhabitants
  • “My Future Energy” to focus on personal responsibility for efficient and economical use of energy


Wattway and other Bouygues Group Innovations at the 2017 Viva Technology Fair.

 New technologies, simplified daily life, better resource management…
At the second edition of the Viva Technology Fair in Paris (June 15-16-17), the Bouygues Group presented its vision of innovation hinging on a new challenge: the transformation of cities into smart cities. This was an opportunity for Wattway to showcase turnkey solutions for the city of tomorrow, such as charging stations for bicycles and electric cars, self-consumption in eco-neighborhoods, etc.



First ever US Wattway solar road installed in Georgia
The first Wattway experimental site in the United States was inaugurated in December 2016 in Georgia. Launched at the time of Paris COP 21, Wattway is currently evaluating many applications on experimental sites around the world. The Ray Foundation, the Georgia Department of Transportation and Wattway have partnered together for the first installation in the United States on the stretch of road known as “The Ray C. Anderson Memorial Highway”. The 18 mile section of Interstate 85, Georgia, is dedicated to testing and creating the highway of the future.
50 m² of Wattway solar panels have been installed at the Georgia Visitor Information Center in West Point, GA which will be powered by energy generated by Wattway.


The first kilometer of Wattway Solar Road in Normandy
On Thursday, December 22, 2016, the first major Wattway Solar Road project was inaugurated by Ségolène Royal, French Minister of the Environment, Energy and the Sea.
This Wattway trial section, which is made up of some 2,880 photovoltaic panels, is located on Route RD5 between Tourouvre south exit and the intersection with Route N12 in le Gué-à-Pont. The electricity produced by the solar road will be sent out to the Enedis* network (*French electricity provider). The innovative and ambitious project is perfectly in line with France’s energy transition law.