Clients & Partners

An evolution possible thanks to our customers

After the R&D phase for the creation of the technology, the choice to set up until 2019 a first experimental phase with the realization of pilot sites in real conditions allowed a fundamental and instructive feedback. It is the multiplicity of our customers, coupled with the diversity of these sites that have made it possible to advance the technology.

The technology maturity allowed the creation of Wattway Pack in 2020. It is a solution deployed to power electrical equipment on the roadside and offer services in energy white areas or when network access is constrained and/ or expensive. Thanks to a storage system, a small number of Wattway slabs can provide energy independently, such as a standalone electrical outlet for equipment.

Wattway Plus, a second solution, to contribute to the building energy mix and promote local self-consumption. These facilities of several hundred slabs allow to maximize the production of renewable electricity by using the pedestrian or parking areas, frequent and voluminous near commercial buildings or freight.

Wattway is supported in its development by a dozen French companies that produce components for the realization of its projects, as well as by many pioneer customers, essential contributors to the development of this world-class technology. Wattway is very grateful to this ecosystem and shows them recognition for their commitment to the Colas group, to bring out innovations as a pioneer of carbon-free mobility.

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CCTV security cameras

Montpellier, France. A security camera was installed along a bike path to watch over traffic. 12 Wattway panels, along with a storage system, power the camera.

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Bike paths

Grave, Netherlands. Installed on a bike path, Wattway panels produce renewable energy which is returned to the electricity grid. This energy would also power electric bike charging stations.

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Additional electricity for businesses

Moult, France. The Lidl supermarket has installed 50m² of Wattway panels in its parking lot to reduce its energy bill. In one year, the panels produced the equivalent of 7,000 hours of use for 5 cash registers in the store.




In France, through our Wattway Pack package, we have reseller partners that allow us to promote and sell the turnkey solution to make their equipment autonomous.

Internationally, our network of partners is responsible for promoting our solution, selling it and deploying it on the territory.