Drim'in Saclay 2021 : Wattway launches a challenge !

Drim'in Saclay 2021 : Wattway launches a challenge !

[Due to coronavirus, the 2010's edition is postponed to February 2021]

On the occasion of the 6th edition of Drim'in Saclay, Wattway invites you to study possible applications for Solar Roads to serve buildings and associated services. The target? Developing an innovative system with integrated Wattway technology through a practical case or a structure typology to promote an alternative energy mix.

To meet this challenge, we are looking for:
- design offices specializing in technical services (HVAC, HV, LV, etc.) and / or Renewable Energy,
- installers or integrators of photovoltaic solutions,
- manufacturers of products dedicated to the photovoltaic industry and its applications in the building industry.

To find out more and register to take up the challenge, go to