Citti Award: Wattway winner in the Smart Parking category!

COLAS Limited and Central Bedfordshire Council won the Citti Award "Smart Parking" thanks to the Wattway solution installed on the Bedfodshire Road Management parking lot in Thorn Turn!

The winning project: 216 Wattway panels are installed on the parking lot to feed the Bedfordshire road management building.

This is the second time that Wattway and Colas Limited have collaborated on a project, and this time on a larger project!  Many thanks to Jo Oliver, Joe Kimberley and Oliver Thomas!

For Wattway, it’s about thinking about energy differently, by pooling local resources (energy, parking, local services). The global challenge of the energy transition is to make renewable energy the priority if we want to achieve the objectives set by the Paris International Climate Treaty. To meet this growing need for renewable energy, the International Energy Agency has prioritized photovoltaic technology as the world’s largest energy source by 2050.

The self-consumption concept proposed with the Wattway Plus: photovoltaic panels installed on the circular surface produce electricity from the sun’s rays. This electricity is then injected directly into the adjacent building without any battery for energy storage. This system allows local energy self-sufficiency by doubling the function of paved surfaces, avoiding encroachment on additional land. In this project, Wattway’s energy is used locally by the building, reducing its carbon footprint. The parking lot has another function, recovering energy from the sun, and helping to reduce the company’s electricity bill in the meantime.