Inauguration of the brand-new Multimodal Interchange Hub in Brax

On Tuesday 6 December 2022, Toulouse Métropole inaugurated the new Multimodal Interchange Hub in the commune of Brax, in the presence of the Mayor, Thierry Zanatta, and Jean-Michel Lattes, President of Tisséo.

For this new development, the elected representatives have chosen to focus on energy efficiency around the railway station.

An area for sharing between the different modes of transport houses three illuminated pedestrian crossings that improve pedestrian safety. Wattway Pack makes these lighting systems energy self-sufficient.

Wattway Pack is a solution that makes roadside equipment energy self-sufficient. Its advantages: resistant, visually discreet, modular and autonomous thanks to its independence from the grid.

Pedestrian safety is improved thanks to the Abel bollards installed at the four corners of the pedestrian crossing, which are illuminated at night. The Wattway system is charged with solar energy during the day and lights up the pedestrian crossing at night.

A solution that increases the vigilance of motorists and the safety of pedestrians.

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Inauguration of the Multimodal Interchange Hub in Brax - Twitter