Wattway in the Netherlands

Commissioning of two Wattway photovoltaic cycle paths in the Netherlands

Colas and BAM Royal Group, a Dutch construction company, have commissioned two cycle paths equipped with Wattway photovoltaic coating in the Netherlands. With a surface area of 1,000 m² each, they were commissioned by the provinces of North Brabant and North Holland. This is the first project of this scale in the country.

The provinces of South Holland, North Brabant and North Holland in a joint programme, and Utrecht in a separate programme, are working on pilot projects wherein solar panels are incorporated into bicycle paths. Purpose? To produce sustainable electricity, by sharing the road space and without the need for additional space. They want to obtain concrete and structured feedback to have elements to determine the potential of this technology and, if possible, contribute to creating a viable market to produce solar energy on bike paths, in particular the 35,000 km of cycle paths in the Netherlands which represent an interesting potential.


📢 The press release of this major Wattway project in the Netherlands

📸 Photos of a Wattway bike path in the Netherlands