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New Wattway pilot site in Nabonne

66m² of solar road were installed on a carpool area in Narbonne (Highway A9, exit 38). The goal of the installation is to provide a clean energy, stored an then used to power roadside equipment locally (here, the light for the pedestrian path).

Wattway wins a trophy at the CES Las Vegas 2019!

The wattway autonomous generator was presented at the “francophone village”. Among 80 start-up and companies, Wattway won the silver Smart City award as well as the second “Grand Jury Prize”.

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  • A global event: the ITS Wolrd Congress in Montreal
  • First ever US Wattway solar road installed in Georgia

The concept

As the energy transition becomes reality, imagine a road able to harvest solar energy and produce energy locally.

The world’s 1st ever photovoltaic road surface
Wattway is a patented French innovation that is the fruit of 5 years of research undertaken by Colas, world leader in transport infrastructure, and the INES (French National Institute for Solar Energy). By combining road construction and photovoltaic techniques, Wattway pavement provides clean, renewable energy in the form of electricity, while allowing for all types of traffic.

A new vision for roads
Wattway produces electrical energy without overtaking farmland or natural landscapes, and contributes to increasing the share of photovoltaic electricity in the energy mix, both in France and worldwide.

By the year 2050, global energy needs will have doubled.
Roads are only occupied by vehicles 10% of the time.
20 m² of Wattway panels can supply the electricity requirements of a single home.

The advantages

performance énergétique


Pavement is only occupied by vehicles some 10% of the time. Imagine the solar resources of this surface area, facing the sky.
20 m² of Wattway panels provides enough electricity to power a single home. (Source ADEME/CEREN 2014 – average French household for 1,000 sun hours/year – not including heating).

adhérence et résistance


How to reconcile the fragility of photovoltaic cells and the robust structure of a road? Wattway is composed of cells inserted in superposed layers that ensure resistance and tire grip. The composite material is just a few millimeters thick, making it possible to adapt to thermal dilation in the pavement, as well as vehicle loads, a guarantee of durability and safety.

Pose sur chaussée existante


If Wattway is so revolutionary, it’s also because of the way it is installed! No need to rip out the existing structure, Wattway can be applied directly on the current pavement, without any need for civil engineering work.

Its applications

A one-kilometer stretch of road paved with Wattway can provide the electricity
to power public lighting in a city of 5,000 inhabitants.
[Source ADEME]

Towns and cities

In urban areas, the need for electricity is growing. How to produce and how to transport the energy we need? These are some of the most important environmental issues of our times. With Wattway, electricity can be produced and used locally. Wattway fits perfectly into the smartgrids* model that will be used to design the cities of tomorrow.

In cities, Wattway’s applications are endless: public lighting, urban furniture, buildings, homes, signs, etc.

Isolated, off-grid areas

In some remote areas, it is sometimes difficult and costly to supply the infrastructures and villages with electricity. Without having to undertake any major construction work, Wattway provides developing countries with a new, durable solution for short circuit renewable energy.

The Colas Group

The Colas Group is a world leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure.
Striving to meet the challenges posed by mobility, urban development and environmental issues, Colas has built a reputation since it was founded in 1929 as an innovative, responsible Group.

After years of research in a partnership with the INES, Colas is now able to combine its expertise in roads with that of photovoltaic technology, paving the way to Wattway, the world’s first photovoltaic road surface.


Wattway media library

The Wattway Autonomous Generator
The Wattway Autonomous Generator
Chambéry (France)
Chambéry (France)
Chambéry (France) – The sun trip race
Chambéry (France) – The sun trip race
Utrecht (Netherlands)
Utrecht (Netherlands)
Châlons-en-Champagne (France)
Châlons-en-Champagne (France)
Ecommoy (France)
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Labège (France)
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Tokyo (Japan)
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Courbevoie (France)
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Saugnacq-et-Muret (France)
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Grasse (France)
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Amiens (France)
Amiens (France)
Boulogne-Billancourt (France)
Boulogne-Billancourt (France)
Labergement-Sainte-Marie (France)
Labergement-Sainte-Marie (France)
1st Wattway pilot site in Vendée
1st Wattway pilot site in Vendée
1 km of solar road in Normandy
1 km of solar road in Normandy
1st wattway pilot site in the USA
1st wattway pilot site in the USA
Septemes-les-Vallons (France)
Septemes-les-Vallons (France)

Colas, official partner of COP 21

Colas wins a Climate Solutions Award for the Wattway Solar Road

As part of the COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change, Colas has won a Climate Solutions Award for the Wattway Solar Road. The selection jury, whose members include experts in resources and climate matters, has honored Colas with a Favorite Award in the Mitigation – Large Enterprise category.

Organized by Ademe, C3D, le Crédit Coopératif, Orée, Solutions COP21, The Shift Project and World Efficiency, the Climate Solution Awards are given out to highlight the best solutions for alleviating and/or adapting to climate change.

What's up with Wattway

Climate-Energy Club – Saint Quentin en Yvelines
2019, January 15th

Digital Change – Nantes
2019, January 22nd-23rd

Urbest – Metz
2019, January 30th-31st & February 1st

Intersolar – Munich
2019, May 15th-17th

How can Wattway help you?

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